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2016 Ford Expedition for Sale in Schaumburg, IL

The highly versatile and road-ready 2016 Ford Expedition is now at Gillespie Ford, and is ready to offer SUV shoppers an all-in-one package. Even if you aren’t in the market for a full size SUV, the 2016 Ford Expedition for sale in Schaumburg, IL, might be the choice for you with its wide selection of comfort options and capabilities that set it apart from other vehicles on the road.

2016 Ford Expedition Capabilities

Ford’s vehicle designers have taken the 2016 Expedition to the next level with the 2016 update, and with its wide variety of capabilities, we’re confident that the Expedition can handle your needs both off and on the roadway. With proper setup, you can take up to eight people off the beaten path or down the highway easily. You’ll also be ready to handle cargo in a moments notice if need be with the use of the rear folding seats, once you move those seats out of the way you’ll be able to utilize an impressive 108.3 cubic ft. If you opt for the EL edition of the 2016 Ford Expedition for sale in Schaumburg, IL, then you’ll have even more space, up to 130.8 cubic ft. Loading and unloading has been made easier as well with the inclusion of the power liftgate system, with the push of a button the gate will move out of your way and stay up there for as long as you need. All of these features can also be paired with comfort enhancing options like premium leather or cloth upholstery, the SYNC infotainment dash bound system and more.

Powerful 2016 Ford Expedition for Sale in Schaumburg, IL

Thanks to the power engine options with the 2016 Ford Expedition for sale in Schaumburg, IL, you’ll be able to handle towing whatever you need. With proper choices, you can have your 2016 Ford Expedition ready to handle 9,200 lbs. of trailer. All of that added weight can be difficult to maintain control over manually, but Ford has the AdvancTrac, roll stability control and control trac 4-wheel drive systems ready to assist you. AdvancTrac and RSC use a series of sensors to detect the pitch and yaw of the 2016 Explorer to adjust for things like over and understeer and vehicle rolling. The control trac 4WD is also ready to help adjust for better traction on uneven surfaces, snow, wet ground, and other non-optimal surfaces. It’ll also give you the ability to switch between your choice of 2h FWD, 4A 4WD, and 4L, which is 4WD with lower gear settings.

At Gillespie Ford, we’re always working to find the right vehicle to suit our customers needs. If you need assistance as you car shop feel free to give us a call at 847-281-5507 to speak with our sales team, they’ll be able to answer your questions and even schedule an appointment for you to visit.