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2016 Ford Fusion Lease in Schaumburg, IL

If you’re looking for an alternative to buying the 2016 Ford Fusion, then the skilled finance team at Gillespie Ford can help you find a 2016 Ford Fusion lease in Schaumburg, IL. We’re devoted to finding the best prices and payment structures for our customers, and leasing is another option for those in need of a reliable new vehicle, but without the long-term purchasing commitment. The 2016 Fusion is Ford’s answer to those looking for a sporty car with hybrid options, and with our help, we can get you behind the wheel with a lease agreement.

Affordable 2016 Ford Fusion Lease in Schaumburg, IL

Many people are looking to lease their new vehicles because of the affordable prices and the flexibility it ensures drivers. By accepting a 2016 Ford Fusion lease in Schuamburg, IL, you’ll be paying a monthly payment on the estimated depreciation of the vehicle for a set time limit. At the end of the lease agreement, you’ll be able to renew the lease or enter into a purchase agreement if you decide you love the Fusion you’ve been driving. Leasing is also great for those with short term needs that need addressing. With the hybrid abilities of the 2016 Ford Fusion, it could be the perfect vehicle for driving to and from the office while you save money for a future purchase. With the help of our finance team, we’ll be able to get you the best lease possible, especially if you enter your information online on our website. This lets us get a head start on finding you the best lease deal.

2016 Ford Fusion Power

The standard gasoline powered editions of the 2016 Fusion are built to be sporty and fun, but if you’re in the market for a fuel saving edition of the updated Fusion, then take a look at the 2016 Ford Fusion lease in Schaumburg, IL, for the hybrid edition. Both hybrid versions of the 2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid and Energi are designed to save you plenty of money at the fuel pump, and with an estimated mileage of 44 MPG while in the city, you can be sure your wallet will notice the difference. Some models are also equipped with features like SmartGauge and EcoGuide, which are informative displays that help you fine tune your driving style in order to maximize your fuel saving.

If you’d like to find out more about the 2016 Ford Fusion or the leasing programs we have then we invite you to come see us in person at Gillespie Ford. If you’d like to call first to have your questions answered or to schedule an appointment you can also call us at 847-281-5507.