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Battery Check and Replacement in Chicago, IL

Get Your Battery Checked in Our Service Department Today!

You unlock your car, sit down and buckle up, and are ready to hit the road. The only problem? No matter how hard you try, the engine won’t turn over and your car won’t start. When this happens, there’s no reason to panic. All you need to do is get your vehicle to the Service Department at Gillespie Ford for a battery check and replacement in Chicago, IL. We’ll see to it that your car leaves our dealership in working order, and you can get back to starting your next adventure in a vehicle you can count on.

Numerous factors can impact your vehicle’s battery life. The first, age, is typically the most common. You can check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for specific instructions, but most manufacturers and technicians recommend replacing your battery after three years of use. This timeframe could be longer or shorter depending on other circumstances as well, including your environment or extreme temperatures. Excessive use on short trips can also cause faster weakening of your vehicle’s battery, as it could have less time to recharge.

Other than age, usage, and conditions, your vehicle itself can reveal the need for a battery check and replacement in Chicago, IL, at Gillespie Ford. The failure to start is a clear indication, but there can be other signs as well. If you take a look under the hood at the battery, for example, you might notice a low battery fluid level or corrosion and leaking. All of these suggest that the battery’s condition is weakened, which could result in poor performance, electrical problems, or failure to start. If your vehicle’s check engine light is on, this could also mean that you’ll need to schedule an appointment in the Service Department at Gillespie Ford to have your battery checked or replaced. 

At Gillespie Ford, we treat each customer like family. The knowledgeable and accommodating team members in our Service Department will answer any questions you might have, as well as conduct a complimentary and comprehensive inspection on your vehicle to ensure you hit the road at peak performance. We provide convenient Service Department hours to fit your schedule, and even offer complimentary services like a shuttle, a mini vehicle detail, and pickup/delivery service to your home or office. What’s more, our excellent service incentives and promotions make it easier and more convenient than ever to afford crucial maintenance, repairs, and service on your vehicle. 

When your vehicle needs a battery check and replacement in Chicago, IL, you can count on the experts at Gillespie Ford to get you back on the road in no time. Stop by our conveniently-located Service Department today – you can find us at 18834 W Grand Ave., just off of I-45 in Gurnee, IL. For all your vehicle’s service needs, including battery checks and replacement, trust Gillespie Ford!


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