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Battery Check and Replacement in Waukegan, IL

Let Us Check Your Car's Battery Today!

In order to keep your car running smoothly, a strong, and powerful battery is necessary to maintain the mechanics that go on underneath the hood. It’s common to go months, even years without checking it, but a battery that is taken care of can make all the difference in your car’s performance. Gillespie Ford, your Gurnee Ford dealer, is offering battery check and replacement in Waukegan, IL. Not only does a well-run battery keep your car’s performance on point and maintains its efficiency, but keeps you and your passengers safe on the road.

Whether you are driving to downtown Waukegan for a picnic by the Lake Michigan, or heading to Chicago for your daily commute, you need a battery you can rely on. Many factors wear at your battery overtime, like weather and environmental conditions. Drastic changes in the climate like extreme heat and freezing temperatures tend to cause damage to your car’s battery at a faster rate. Due to the Midwest’s humid summers and bitter cold winters, this can shorten your battery’s life term.

When you come into Gillespie Ford for a battery check and replacement in Waukegan, IL, you can trust our certified technicians to take care of your car with thoroughness and attention. Our Service Department will properly inspect your car’s battery, and look for signs of any damage. If you do end up needing to replace your battery, you can find a variety of online parts specials right on our website. We want to see you driving a car that gives you the ultimate performance, and is serviced at an affordable price!

There are some signs that you can look for before making an appointment to get your car serviced if you are uncertain about you battery’s condition. The obvious indication of a poor battery is detected through your engine. If your engine takes a while to start, and you have to fiddle around with the ignition, then you should bring in your car immediately for a battery check.

You can also look under the hood to see if your car’s battery needs a check-up. Your car’s battery contains clear windows, which hold clear chemical fluids to keep your battery going. When these fluids are significantly low, this means you battery’s power has depleted, and you need a replacement.

With unpredictable road conditions and adverse weather, it’s essential that you have a battery you can count on to keep you driving safely. Stop by Gillespie Ford today for a battery check and replacement in Waukegan, IL. Please help yourself to our complimentary hot beverages while you wait for your car to be serviced. There are also plenty of spots within walking distance from our dealership to grab a bite to eat, like the Fogcutter. Make your appointment online today!

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