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Battery Check and Replacement Service near Antioch, IL

When you turn your keys in the ignition but your car doesn’t start, it’s obvious that your battery is dead. The remedy is to get a jump start, but sometimes a dead battery may indicate a deeper problem. So bring your car to Gillespie Ford for a battery check and replacement service near Antioch, IL. We have a state-of-the-art service department, and our expert technicians can diagnose your battery and other automotive issues effectively. Schedule your service appointment online and experience the difference that Gillespie Ford can make for your car.

Battery Check First

While any car owner can get an electronic tester at an automotive parts store to check their battery, it takes some knowledge to diagnose certain issues. If your battery is working but not providing enough electricity, you may have a weak alternator. At Gillespie Ford, we can run a battery check and replacement service near Antioch, IL, for you to determine where the problem lies.

Maintenance with Battery Check and Replacement Service Near Antioch, IL

At Gillespie Ford, we think that preventative maintenance is important for your car’s longevity and current condition, and if you think that your car may need a battery check and replacement service near Antioch, IL, there are a couple of things you can do before you bring your car to us. The first is to make sure that your battery terminals are clean. If you see white powdery material on them, that’s corrosion, and it should be cleaned off. The other thing to look for is that your battery cables are firmly connected to the terminals. Corrosion or loose battery cables can make it difficult or impossible for your car to start, and it’s important to rule out those issues first.

If you think that you need battery check and replacement service near Antioch, IL, it’s good to know that you can schedule a service appointment at the Gillespie Ford website. The online form just takes a few moments to fill out, and we’ll confirm your time in 12 hours of getting your appointment request. We’re open for service Monday through Saturday, and feel free to message or call our service team members directly if you have questions about your service or vehicle. You’ll find their contact information under Meet Our Staff. They’re committed to providing efficient and friendly service, and will work hard to get the job done right the first time.

The Gillespie Ford Service Department can provide a battery check and replacement near Antioch, IL, and you’ll find us in Gurnee, IL at 18834 W. Grand Avenue, zip code 60031. We also have a huge Ford inventory, and we serve people from places like McHenry, Glenview, Niles, Highland Park, Deerfield, Grayslake, Mundelein, Antioch, and Zion.


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