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Battery Checks & Replacement near Libertyville, IL

When winter weather is upon us, drivers need to check their batteries. If you are looking for battery checks & replacement near Libertyville, IL, we have the resources and the technicians you need here at Gillespie Ford. We provide prompt and thorough service to all our clients, and we prioritize customer satisfaction. Continue reading to learn a little more about car batteries and our services.

Car Battery 101

An educated driver is a better driver, and here at Gillespie Ford we enjoy teaching our clients about the various components and systems that make their vehicles function. One of those important components is the battery, also known as a lead-acid battery—the metaphorical heart of your vehicle. Basically your battery is responsible for changing chemical energy into electrical energy, and it achieves this thanks to metallic plates covered in lead and lead oxide and a liquid mixture of water and sulfuric acid. This electrolytic mixture of fluids allows electrons to travel between the plates, and this transference of electrons is essentially the electricity you need to run your engine, radio, headlights, and other systems we all use when driving. If you want to learn more about these remarkable automotive components, visit our team for battery checks & replacement near Libertyville, IL.

Fast and Efficient Replacement Near Libertyville, IL

Now you know a little more about the inner workings of a battery, but you should also know more about when you need a service. A number of factors can affect the effectiveness of your battery, from temperature to driving habits. You can give your battery a visual inspection for leaks and corrosion, which may indicate the battery needs replacement, but remember to do so with caution and only when the vehicle is turned off. Generally technicians recommend that a battery be replaced every four years, but as with most automotive parts this lifespan is only a rough estimate. If you think your battery may need replacement, our technicians can use an electronic tester to check the condition of your battery. You can easily schedule an appointment with our technicians right on our site.

For peace of mind, contact Gillespie Ford, your Illinois Ford dealer, today and ask about battery checks & replacement near Libertyville, IL. You can reach us on the phone at 847-281-5507. We also invite you to visit our location at 18834 W Grand Avenue Gurnee, IL. Or you can use our website and navigate to the section for scheduling a service appointment. Get in touch today and remember to drive safely.