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Yelp Review Process | Gurnee, IL

These days, before you go to a new restaurant, salon, or even car dealership, you often times check their Yelp page to browse their reviews or get general information about the establishment. But did you know that Yelp can more often than not be misleading? The Yelp review process uses recommendation software that chooses which reviews to show and which to hide, which results in you not getting a full-scale idea of what to expect. So when you go to the Gillespie Ford Yelp page, you are missing a variety of reviews from our valued customers that received excellent customer service from our sales, service, and finance departments.

The recommendation algorithm software Yelp looks at each customer review individually and scales it in term of "their version" of quality, reliability, and the user activity. User activity, according to Yelp, is based on the number of reviews the user has written as well as the number of Yelp friends they have. However, quite a few of the "recommended reviews" for Gillespie Ford are from users with a low number of posts and/or Yelp friends. In addition, Yelp only uses a fraction of a business’s reviews to go towards their star rating, meaning the hidden reviews on our Yelp page do not factor in towards our overall rating.

The star rating is often the first thing viewers notice, and if you go to the Gillespie Ford Yelp page, our rating is certainly lower that what we want it to be. While many of the reviews on our main page are less than ideal, there are over 60 reviews that aren’t on the main page that you can access once at the bottom of our page. If you click where it says, “continue reading”, you are brought to a page where all of our reviews are five stars. And yet, these aren’t factored in to our rating on our homepage. This just goes to show that Yelp is frequently not the most reliable source when researching a business.

If you want to know more about our dealership, the best place to find it is here on our dealership page. We are a premier Ford dealer in the Chicagoland area with strong and committed sales, service, and finance teams here to help make your experience one to remember for all the right reasons.  

You can find truthful reviews from real customers on our Gillespie Ford testimonials page, all which have more merit than any review our Yelp business page. There are numerous reviews that don’t make it to our Yelp page that all highlight the excellent customer service and care that many happy and satisfied customers received at our dealership. The next time you’re interesting in making a new-Ford purchase, or need to take your vehicle in for routine maintenance, visit us so we can prove to you that our Yelp page doesn't accurately reflect the way our business operates. Visit us today at 18834 W Grand Avenue in Gurnee, IL. 

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