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Yelp Review Process | Libertyville, IL

Whether you’re trying out a new restaurant for date night, searching for a new hair salon for a fresh look, or buying a new car, one of the first things you do is go to that particular business’s Yelp page. From there, not only can you get general information about that business, like its locations and hours, see its star rating, and check out various reviews from real customers. While those reviews can be helpful, they can also be misleading. Yelp uses recommendation software that determines which reviews are shown, and which are hidden. This means, you are most likely not getting the full picture of what to expect from that business. So the next time you check out the Gillespie Ford Yelp page, keep in mind you are missing a wide range of reviews from customers who had nothing but an excellent experience from our sales, finance, and service departments at our dealership.

Yelp uses a very specific recommendation algorithm software to rank each review in terms of quality, reliability, and the user’s specific activity. The user activity scale is determined by how many reviews that user has written, and how many friends on Yelp they have shown in their profile. When a review isn’t deemed good enough to make the front page, it in turn won’t go towards the business’s star rating, which means reviews that are “hidden” don’t factor into our star rating.

Each business’s star rating is usually the first thing a Yelp reviewer notices, as it is on the top of each business page. If you go to the Gillespie Ford Yelp page, our star rating is certainly not as high as we feel it should be. We know that the majority of the reviews on our main page don’t reflect our excellent customer service, there are over 60 reviews Yelp has chosen to hide that aren’t on the main page. You can check these reviews out for yourself when you are at the bottom of the page. Just click “continue reading”, and you’ll quickly see how many of those reviews are five stars. None of these reviews are reflected in our star rating, which proves that Yelp isn’t the most reliable source when finding out information about a business.

To know more about our dealership, the best page to go is simply our dealership webpage. Gillespie Ford is proud to be a premier Ford dealer to the Chicagoland area, and we are proud to offer exceptional customer service whether you’re looking for a new Ford Fusion or Mustang on our showroom floor, visiting our Finance Department for an auto loan, or are getting an oil change from our Service Department.

You can find honest and straight-forward reviews from real customers we have helped on our Gillespie Ford testimonials page. These reviews have more value than any you’ll find while browsing our Yelp business page. The next time you go to research either our business, or any other business, know that Yelp is often times not the most reliable source. Let us prove that our Yelp page is misleading when you visit us today at 18834 W Grand Avenue in Gurnee, IL.

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