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Oil Change Service in Waukegan, IL

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Maintaining your car’s upkeep is necessary if you want your drive to stay as safe and efficient as possible. There are small routines, like changing your car’s oil, that take almost no time at all, and keep your engine running smoothly. Gillespie Ford is offering an oil change service in Waukegan, IL, so you can be assured that your car will be preforming at a high level down the long run.

It is suggested that you change your car’s oil about every 3,000 to 5,000 miles to keep your engine’s parts in tip-top shape. Oil helps lubricate all of the parts that make up the engine, and when the oil starts to corrode and deplete, the pieces start to scratch against each other. This causes serious damage to your engine’s makeup, and can cost you a fortune if you neglect to change your oil. Also, if you don’t get your car's oil changed, regularly, you will notice a decrease in your fuel economy, torque, and horsepower.

To make sure your engine provides you with the optimal efficiency and performs at its ultimate capability, bring it in for an oil change service in Waukegan, IL. Here at Gillespie Ford, we take care of our customers, and our technicians are thoroughly trained, so they can give you a precise and proper diagnosis on your car.

We offer exclusive Quicklane® Oil Services, which requires no appointment. We understand that life gets busy, and it’s difficult to find time to even come in for a quick oil change with life’s demands. This rewarding program lets you choose between three levels of service. The first one, Oil and Filter Change, replaces your oil with premium quality Motorcraft® Synthetic Blend oil. This unique blend of oil minimizes damage caused by deposits rust and corrosion. You also get a filter change with this package.

The next level of service, The Works™, provides you with the specialized Mortcraft® Synthetic Blend oil, a tire rotation, a tire pressure check, a brake inspection, and a battery test. The Vehicle Specific Scheduled Maintenance, the last level offered, abides by the upkeep suggested by your car’s manufacturer. Our service team will take care of everything recommended in the Owner’s Manual that you wish to have done.

While you wait at our dealership, you can enjoy complimentary water and coffee provided by our staff. If you would like to venture out for a little bit and grab a bite to eat, Gurnee’s hometown favorite Saluto’s Pizza and Pasta is right down the street. With our excellent customer care, unique service programs, and personable and professional technicians, you’ll be glad that you chose Gillespie Ford for your oil change service in Waukegan, IL.


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