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2016 Ford Escape Finance in Elgin, IL

When it comes to financing vehicles, we choose the vehicle we want first before even considering financing or other options of getting the vehicle. When you look at everything the 2016 Ford Escape Finance in Elgin, IL has to offer, you start to weigh out the advantages. The 2016 Ford Escape is a great vehicle to finance as it comes slightly remodeled on the outside with a few key new features on the inside. Otherwise, it is still the same Escape you know and love.

2016 Ford Escape Style

There are a few changes to the outside of the vehicle including a bigger grille which is supposed to lower overall intake. It will also feature LED headlights and taillights as well as powerful daytime and fog lights so you can stay visible at all times no matter the weather or time.


The Chrome Package adds on more chrome detail as well to help enhance the feel of overall luxury. More aluminum was used to make this vehicle more fuel efficient than ever. Larger alloy wheels also help get you maintain control.

There are plenty of popular features inside the Escape that include leather or cloth seats, advanced safety features, and Ford SYNC MyTouch. The Escape is one of the first Ford vehicles to be equipped with the newest version of Ford’s SYNC MyTouch. It allows you to connect to the apps on your phone from the screen on the Escape. Now connecting to your phone, making calls, opening up apps and music has never been easier. Looking at all the reasons about 2016 Ford Escape Finance in Elgin, IL, there is no better time than now.

Advantages of 2016 Ford Escape Finance in Elgin, IL

There are plenty of advantages when it comes to financing over other options of getting a vehicle. We at Gillespie Ford have a financial staff that can walk you through the application process and answer any questions you have.


When it comes to financing, you can save money by not having to pay for the whole car up front and it allows you to build or establish your credit. Having good credit can help you in the long run especially if you want to own a condo or house next. With plenty of slight additions and a little more looks throughout, the Ford Escape is something to love. The 2016 Ford Escape Finance in Elgin, IL is perfect for those who would don’t need anything else.


If you would like more information or schedule a test drive, you can contact us at 847-281-5507 or stop in and see it for yourself. We are located on W Grand Ave. in Gurnee, IL. We proudly serve surrounding locations including Waukegan, Grayslake, North Chicago, Vernon Hills, and more.