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2016 Ford Expedition Lease in Schaumburg, IL

The 2016 Ford Expedition is now available for leasing at Gillespie Ford, and with our help, we’re confident that we can get you behind the wheel of this updated and versatile SUV. By choosing a 2016 Ford Expedition lease in Schaumburg, IL,  you’ll be able to sidestep the typical long-term loan and a purchasing agreement that can limit your options in the future. Its also a great way to complete a short-term vehicle need, such as towing, with the 2016 Ford Expedition’s powerful towing options.

Easy 2016 Ford Expedition Lease in Schaumburg, IL

At Gillespie Ford, we know the process of buying or leasing your next vehicle can be troublesome and to that end we’re goal oriented on providing a hassle and stress free shopping experience. We’ve even worked to take the stress out of the finance side of things by providing an online finance application that lets us get a running start on finding you the best lease agreement plans. By choosing to lease a 2016 Ford Expedition lease in Schaumburg, IL, you’ll be able to get behind the wheel quickly and be able to move on from the vehicle you want once the lease agreement is finished. This allows our customers greater maneuvering power when the time is up on your lease and you want to switch to a new vehicle, or even stay with the one you’re leasing.

2016 Ford Expedition Towing

If properly outfitted, the 2016 Ford Expedition is a highly capable towing vehicle with an incredibly comfortable interior. If you’re looking for an SUV that can handle both you, your passengers, and a larger trailer load, then a 2016 Ford Expedition lease in Schaumburg, IL, is what you need. With proper setup, you can expect the Expedition to be able to tow an impressive 9,200 lbs. of trailer. Hauling is also made safer and easier thanks to programs like the available AdvancTrac system and Roll Stability Control. Using a series of sensors, these deatures monitor the yaw and pitch of the 2016 Expedition, and adjust power and setting to match the demands of the road and trailer to keep you in control.

If you’d like to find out more about the wide range of options the 2016 Ford Expedition has to offer, feel free to stop by Gillespie Ford and speak with our sales team. They’ll also be able to get you in touch with our finance team so you can explore your options fully. Call and schedule an appointment today by calling us at 847-281-5507.