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2016 Ford Explorer for Sale in Waukegan, IL

Want a family-focused crossover with impressive interior specs and style for days? Consider the new 2016 Ford Explorer for Sale in Waukegan, IL. Redesigned for the new season, you’ll love the changes Ford has made to their flagship crossover SUV. Feel free to stop by Gillespie Ford in Gurnee to see the latest models for yourself.

2016 Ford Explorer Exterior

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the Ford line, you’ll immediately notice the exterior changes of the 2016 Ford Explorer for Sale in Waukegan, IL. Everybody’s favorite crossover just got a smoother, sleeker look more akin to luxury sedans than SUVs. With a lifted front-end design, a sporty spoiler in back and the introduction of a Platinum trim fit with features like 20-inch tires, the latest Explorer feels more than impressive.

In this instance, looks don’t lie. The interior is one of the most spacious in its class. With seating for seven and beefed up safety elements, it’s the perfect vehicle for big families. This is especially true with the introduction of a new 2.3L EcoBoost engine. The turbo-charged 4-cylinder engine is capable of delivering 280 hp, and it allows for improved fuel economy rates over the standard 2.0L V6.

Powerful 2016 Ford Explorer for Sale in Waukegan, IL

Back in 2011, the Ford Explorer underwent a powerful transformation. The manufacturer switched gears, from providing buyers with a rugged SUV that didn’t take up the whole road to a comfortable, car-like approach to delivering more power and room to families than either sedans or small vans could offer. With 2016, they’ve jumped one more hurdle. The result was an overwhelmingly popular alternative to up-and-coming crossovers made by companies without the experience or foresight to really nail the design.

Today’s changes represent the growing needs of many drivers. While it’s a great fit for families, the 2016 Ford Explorer for Sale in Waukegan, IL is not for child’s play. This vehicle was designed to safely, securely transport groups of people, while providing them with enough entertainment to stay engaged on the road and the power to tow up to 5000 lbs. of your favorite accessories. It’s the new quintessential car for family getaways or for getting friends back and forth to work through any weather imaginable.

Stop at Gillespie Ford for a test drive today, or call 847-281-5507 to schedule a visit. You’ll readily find the 2016 Ford Explorer for Sale in Waukegan, IL available on our lot, located at 18834 W Grand Avenue in Gurnee, IL. Not only do we understand today’s latest models and the needs of today’s drivers, we’re one of the most convenient options for those in the Greater Chicago area, extending to Waukegan, Gurnee, Elgin, Libertyville and Antioch, IL, and Kenosha, WI.