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2016 Ford Focus Lease in Gurnee, IL

If you’re wondering about a 2016 Ford Focus Lease in Gurnee, IL, then look no further than Gillespie Ford. Leasing is a great option for many, and our friendly finance team can get you set up with a great deal that suits your needs. We feature the entirety of the Ford Focus lineup, and the new, previously import only RS model promises to inspire.

2016 Ford Focus Lease Benefits

Leasing isn’t for everyone necessarily, but it does hold a few advantages. For example, your new Focus’ warranty will usually last the exact amount of your lease. This can help save you money in the long term. You also stand to benefit from lower down payments, as a lease entails you financing the taxes on how long you will drive the Focus, as opposed to being taxed on the full amount of the car. The same rings true with the overall monthly rate.

A 2016 Ford Focus Lease in Gurnee, IL also means that you won’t have to worry about trade-in hassles in the future. You simply return the car at the end of the agreement, and drive off in whatever your new choice is. What’s more, you benefit from having a new vehicle every two to three years.

Powertrain of the 2016 Ford Focus Lease in Gurnee, IL

The new Focus that you lease will come with a revamped powertrain that is unprecedented for the lineup. The first two RS generations have been sold in Europe for years, and this third generation will make its debut stateside for this model year here at Gillespie Ford.

Under the hood, you get the new 2.3L four-cylinder engine that is turbocharged and looks to be rated at 325 hp. Those who choose us for a 2016 Ford Focus Lease in Gurnee, IL will also note that the transmission is exclusively a six-speed manual. The engine is transversely mounted, and it is of the EcoBoost variety.

You also reap the rewards of an innovative all-wheel drive system that smartly delivers torque to the right angles, depending on how fast your are cornering. If drifting at the track is of interest to you, this torque-vectoring system will be helpful.

We are located in Gurnee, IL and are proud to serve the greater metro areas of Palatine, Arlington Heights, Des Plaines, Schaumburg, Hoffman Estates, and Evanston. Our sales team is here from Monday through Saturday, and we feature convenient hours. We look forward to meeting you and helping you get the perfect Ford Focus lease at Gillespie Ford.