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2016 Ford Focus Lease in Waukegan, IL


Here at Gillespie Ford, we are excited to offer you a quality 2016 Ford Focus Lease in Waukegan, IL. To lease a vehicle is advantageous in many ways, and our expert finance team can help get you a great deal. What’s more, the new Focus is debuting on American soil for the first time ever, and we can’t wait to draw up a lease and get you behind the wheel.

2016 Ford Focus Lease Savings

Leasing versus buying ultimately depends on the person and the financial preferences, and our friendly staff will guide you through the process and answer your every need, question, and concern. A lease is great in that you are only financing the length of time—depreciation—that you will be driving the vehicle. In most cases—since you aren’t financing the entire vehicle value—this leads to savings.

Plus, a 2016 Ford Focus Lease in Waukegan, IL will allow you to drive a new vehicle ever two to three years. This is significant due in part to the fact that Ford and the Focus brand in particular are always coming up with new innovations.

When you’re here, you will find that you are treated like family, and there is full transparency throughout the lease-writing process. There is never any pressure to rush the sale, and we are upfront and honest with our dealings.

Design of the 2016 Ford Focus Lease in Waukegan, IL

Once you’ve made the decision to lease a new Focus, you won’t be disappointed. The fit and finish is nothing short of outstanding, and the new design cues are not only head-turning, but are functional as well. For instance, the front fascia and large rear spoiler lend well towards downforce. This helps when you find yourself in high-performance situations.

A 2016 Ford Focus Lease in Waukegan, IL also means that you get the turbocharged 2.3L four-cylinder engine that Ford has recently rolled out. A similar version is in the Mustang, but this Focus version comes with a few enhancements that make this EcoBoost offering exceptional. For example, you get all-wheel drive, and the engine is transversely mounted. All told, you won’t have the "too much power for the car" or torque steer situation.

If you would like to learn more about how we can get you set up with a great lease on the Focus, feel free to call 847-281-5507 or stop by at any time during our accommodating business hours. Gillespie Ford is located in Gurnee, IL; we look forward to serving you.