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2016 Ford Transit Connect for Sale in Gurnee, IL

Here at Gillespie Ford, we know our clients are hardworking people, and hardworking people need reliable vehicles that get the job done. Where can you find top-quality, versatile Fords that can help your business grow? Gillespie Ford is the answer, and one of our best models right now is the 2016 Ford Transit Connect for sale in Gurnee, IL. Our team is excited about this incredibly dynamic Ford, and we want to share this excitement with our client family.

2016 Ford Transit Connect Versatility

These days we do everything in our vehicles, and we have diverse needs. Sometimes we need to carry passengers, sometimes we need space for cargo. Sometimes we need a high towing capacity, and sometimes we want more fuel economy. Either you can buy a fleet of different vehicles that satisfies each of these needs, or you can buy one vehicle with a versatile and innovative design: the 2016 Ford Transit Connect for sale in Gurnee, IL. The Transit Connect is available in five different models, each offering an array of unique features—all you have to do is choose the model that best suits your needs. Many models offer a payload of 1,620 lbs., and a towing capacity of 2,000 lbs.. You can choose a model with seven seats and a maximum cargo capacity of 104.2 cubic feet, or you can choose seating for five and a max storage space of 77.1 cubic ft. Need more the Long-wheelbase version offers 128.6 cubic feet of storage behind the front seats, or 149.0 cubic feet with the front passenger seat folded.

Design of the 2016 Ford Transit Connect For Sale In Gurnee, IL

As most business owners know, your vehicle is like a moving advertisement. An older, worn-out vehicle gives your customers a negative impression of your company, but a well-maintained and carefully designed vehicle tells potential clients you are professional, capable, and ready. In other words there is only one choice for the strategic business owner: 2016 Ford Transit Connect for sale in Gurnee, IL. Spacious side panels offer room for colorful graphics, so you can advertise everywhere.

The time is now. The New Year is here, and you want a vehicle that matches your ambition, a vehicle like 2016 Ford Transit Connect for sale in Gurnee, IL. Visit our website today or give us a call at 847-281-5507. We’re located at 18834 W Grand Ave. Gurnee, IL 60031. Contact us here at Gillespie Ford today, and start building the future of your business.