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2017 Ford GT Preview near Antioch, IL

If you’re interested in the 2017 Ford GT preview near Antioch, IL, then look no further. This supercar is set to undergo its second revival after a brief, spirited, and well-received run in the mid-2000’s. The newest incarnation will simultaneously pay homage to the 1960’s curves, but will come with a wealth of modern exotic car features.

2017 Ford GT Materials

Most of the body—the passenger cabin in particular—will be composed of lightweight carbon fiber, which in turn will aid in giving it an exceptional power-to-weight ratio. Other extremity components near the front and rear will have bits of lightweight aluminum to augment the carbon fiber. Upon further review of the 2017 Ford GT, you will learn that the interior will come with all of the modern amenities, with one of the highlights being a button on the dashboard that moves the front end up a few inches in the event you come across an unfriendly driveway or a steep speed bump. The traction and stability control functions will join with the host of airbags to highlight the safety features, with the former also aiding in performance lap times. The other usual features like tire pressure monitoring systems, emergency braking assist, and rearview cameras look to be included as well.

Performance of the 2017 Ford GT near Antioch, IL

The Ford GT has always been known for its performance, but the new model will come with Ford’s new generation of EcoBoost engine technology. It will feature a twin-turbocharged 3.5L V6 that looks to churn out more than 600-hp. The 2017 Ford GT preview near Antioch, IL, also reveals that the GT will be of the mid-engine variety, which will help it compete with other traditional exotic supercars. The unique exhaust system gives a nod to traditional GT styling, with the dual pipes residing high in the bumper. Additional heat is released through the taillight holes. The rear spoiler is the highlight of the active aerodynamics system, which all told utilizes the passing air to further increase performance. Rounding out the performance specs is the active suspension that uses inboard pushrod-actuated damping.
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