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2017 Ford GT Preview near Libertyville, IL

Ford isn’t really known for "average" cars, and it’s really set a high mark with the new Ford GT. This supercar is generating a lot of excitement both on the track and off, so to give Gillespie Ford customers more information about it, we’re offering this 2017 Ford GT preview near Libertyville, IL. This model is designed for exhilarating speed and dynamic handling, so get ready to have some fun learning about the new GT.

2017 Ford GT Experience

Ford has not released all the details about its new supercar, but this 2017 Ford GT preview near Libertyville, IL, will give you some insight. The engineers at Ford were shooting for an incredible power-to-weight ratio, and with a twin-turbocharged, direct-injected 3.5L V6 that promises over 600 horsepower and lightweight carbon fiber body, it appears that they’ve hit the mark. You have dynamic handling with the long suspension arms and inboard dampers, and the "active" suspension can lower the car for a lower center of gravity and improved stability. To get over those annoying speed bumps and steep driveway ramps, just push a button in the cabin and the front end will lift up.

Engineering of the 2017 Ford GT near Libertyville, IL

One of the interesting things we learned making this 2017 Ford GT preview near Libertyville, IL is how great engineering and beautiful style come together. Every exterior detail has been scrutinized to make the GT more aerodynamic, and the rear spoiler has some cool tricks, including an air-brake function. It can tilt and rise in height, and the horizontal surface can angle up to produce more downforce as necessary. The rear wings connecting the roof to the rear fenders are aptly named since they are shaped like airfoils, creating downforce and directing air to the rear spoiler. The air inlets in front of the rear wheels direct air to the engine and intercoolers. While the practical goal of these features is to make the vehicle very aerodynamically efficient, they also provide the new GT with a futuristic and aggressive style that’s very compelling. The sleek, modern form of the 2017 Ford GT looks amazing from all angles, and even in back, there’s no mistaking that this car is all about the business of speed. Hot air from the intercoolers exits through the centers of the taillights, and two exhaust outlets are integrated high on the rear bumper, reminiscent of what you’d see on a jet fighter.

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