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Oil Change Services near Kenosha, WI

If you are looking for oil change services near Kenosha, WI, look no further than Gillespie Ford. Our service department delivers quality work in a timely manner, so you can get back on the road with fresh oil, clean filters, and better automotive performance. Many drivers know oil is important, but too often these same drivers will delay necessary oil changes. Here at Gillespie Ford, we encourage all of our clients to be prompt and diligent regarding their automotive responsibilities. Procrastination now can lead to costly problems down the road. Continue reading to learn more about oil and our services.

The Importance of Oil Changes

Oil is crucial to the performance of your engine. Under the hood of your vehicle are numerous metal parts moving and working together, and moving metal creates a substantial amount of friction and heat. Oil is the lubrication that keeps everything running smoothly, and it also serves as a cleaning agent. Over time, the oil in your engine breaks down and the detergents and rust-prevention chemicals become less effective. To prevent costly damage to your engine it is important to find the proper care. Here at Gillespie Ford, we provide quality oil changing services that improve your automotive performance and extend the life of your vehicle.

Quality Service near Kenosha, WI

Our team of highly-qualified technicians are ready to help anyone who needs oil change services near Kenosha, WI. We prioritize customer satisfaction and work hard every day to earn the trust of our clients. Our service department can answer your questions and take care of all your maintenance needs. The winter is a particularly difficult time for vehicles. Low temperatures can effect performance and accelerate the deterioration of worn out components. When you visit our service department, we give your vehicle a thorough inspection and keep you informed about any potential problems.

Get in touch today and ask us about oil change services near Kenosha, WI. You can reach us on the phone at 847-281-5507. We also invite you to visit us at 18834 W Grand Avenue Gurnee, IL 60031. For more information about our services and our inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles, you can explore our easy-to-use website. Your vehicle is an important investment, and such an investment should be cared for and protected. We have helped drivers from Wisconsin and Illinois, and now we want to help you with all your automotive needs. Contact Gillespie Ford today and drive safe.