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Oil Change Services near Libertyville, IL

Here at Gillespie Ford, we often remind our drivers that oil is crucial to the performance and longevity of your vehicle. Without regular oil changes you risk seriously damaging your engine and creating expensive repairs for yourself. To avoid these headaches simply visit our team and get oil change services near Libertyville, IL. We deliver quality service along with expert automotive advice. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of oil and regular oil changes.

Oil Change 101

Oil in an engine is likened to blood in the body, which means without oil your engine will not function. Your engine is full of moving metal parts, and without proper lubrication, the friction between these parts generates excessive heat and eventually causes the engine to seize. Oil is the solution, and in addition to lubrication, it also acts as a cleaning agent, thanks to detergents, rust-preventing additives, and dispersants. When you replace the oil in your car it accumulates dirt over time, and heat from the engine gradually breaks down the important detergents mentioned above. In other words, old oil is almost as bad as no oil, and all responsible drivers who care about their vehicles should make sure to replace their oil at the recommended intervals. If you are looking for oil change services near Libertyville, IL, look no further than Gillespie Ford where we take care of our customers and work hard to earn your trust.

Reliable Service near Libertyville, IL

Here at Gillespie Ford, we value the trust of our customers, and for this reason we strive to provide a superior level of service you will not find at other automotive centers. Our service department is staffed with highly-qualified and personable technicians who will give your vehicle a careful inspection. In addition to this great offer, we also offer a host of other important maintenance services. If you have questions about your vehicle, or concerns about a particular component, our technicians can perform an inspection and give you a detailed report of their findings.

For service and parts you can trust, contact Gillespie Ford, your Illinois Ford dealer, today and ask about oil change services near Libertyville, IL. You can visit our easy-to-use website to schedule an appointment or you can drop by for a visit at 18834 W Grand Avenue Gurnee, IL 60031. If you have questions first, feel free to give us a call at 847-281-5507. We look forward to serving you.