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Oil Change Services near Mundelein, IL

Here at Gillespie Ford, we are ready to help anyone who needs oil change services near Mundelein, IL. Oil is a necessary part of every engine, and without clean and sufficient oil, you risk seriously damaging your vehicle. To prevent costly repairs, we encourage all of our clients and potential clients to be attentive and diligent regarding oil changes. Know when you need fresh oil, and do not delay your appointment for an oil change. Please continue reading to learn more about automotive oil and our services here at Gillespie Ford.

Oil Change Basics

If your oil levels are low, or your oil is excessively dirty, do not hesitate to visit us for oil change services near Mundelein, IL. Oil is the metaphorical lifeblood of your lubrication system. It prevents excessive friction, it diminishes heat buildup, and it cleans the engine of dirt particles—all crucial functions. Unfortunately, over time, your oil starts to break down, the cleaning detergents become less effective, and the dirt accumulates. This is when you need to visit us for an oil change. We swap the old oil with fresh oil and change your filters. We can also check other important fluid levels, such as your coolant.

Reliable Services near Mundelein, IL

We provide a team of experienced and friendly technicians for all your automotive needs, from simple tuneups to oil changes to more extensive repairs. Regular maintenance can improve automotive performance and extend the life of your vehicle, and irregular maintenance will most likely lead to more problems down the road. Automotive maintenance is particularly important during the winter, when low temperatures, icy roads, and salt can wreak havoc on your vehicle. Keep your vehicle in good automotive health and visit us for what you need. We offer prompt and thorough service, and we will be happy to answer all your maintenance questions.

Contact us today and ask about oil change cervices near Mundelein, IL. You can visit our website to schedule a service appointment, or you can give us a call at 847-281-5507 and speak with one of our representatives. Feel free to visit our location at 18834 W Grand Avenue Gurnee, IL. Here at Gillespie Ford we prioritize customer satisfaction, and we work hard every day to earn the trust of our clients. We have helped drivers from all over Illinois and Wisconsin, and now we want to help you. Get in touch today and drive safely.