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Tire Care, Maintenance, and Sales in Chicago, IL

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From big repairs to small, regular washes to thorough maintenance, there are plenty of ways to keep your car running and performing like the day you bought it. At Gillespie Ford, we have one of the easiest ways for you to do that. Our comprehensive Service Department provides tire care, maintenance, and sales in Chicago, IL, to ensure that your vehicle is prepared for your every adventure. 

Tire Care

Tire care doesn’t have to be complicated. As long as you keep in mind your tires’ age and usage, and have them inspected on a regular basis, your vehicle can get anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000 miles out of your tires, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation. When you bring your vehicle into the Service Department at Gillespie Ford, we’ll perform a comprehensive tire inspection and confirm there are no major issues with your tires. This inspection even includes a tire pressure check, which will ensure your tires will perform in top condition. It’s an easy way to guarantee your tires are both safe and capable for as long as possible.

Tire Maintenance

Gillespie Ford’s programs for tire care, maintenance, and sales in Chicago, IL, also benefit you in case your tires do have any problems. Our expert technicians will be able to advise the best course of action for your vehicle, including a wide range of maintenance services. An imbalance of wear and tear, for example, can sometimes be resolved with a tire rotation. Wheel re-alignments are also a common service we perform to correct tire maintenance issues. No matter which repair or service your vehicle might need, though, our knowledgeable and experienced Service Department staff will get you – and your vehicle – back on the road with tires you can depend on.

Tire Sales

Though our Service Department will do everything we can to get your tires in working order, they will sometimes just need to be replaced entirely. In that case, you can rest assured that our factory-trained experts will assist in matching your vehicle with the ideal tires for your needs, driving habits, and environment. Our dedicated Parts Department offers quality tires from all the major manufacturers, even providing specialty tires for customers with particular requirements. Once you’ve selected your new tires, we’ll efficiently replace the old ones and give you tips on proper inflation and wear, so you can get the most out of every drive. We even offer exclusive promotions, coupons, and incentives for our valued Chicagoland customers.

Keeping up with your vehicle’s tire maintenance is more important than you might think, and the Service Department at Gillespie Ford is your one-stop shop for tire care, maintenance, and sales in Chicago, IL. To schedule an appointment, just give one of our trained technicians a call at 847-281-5294. 


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