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Tires Care, Maintenance, and Sales near Antioch, IL

Proper tire care and maintenance are important for extending the life of your vehicle. A vehicle is an important and expensive investment, and you should make sure that investment is cared for and protected. If you are looking for tires care, maintenance, and sales near Antioch, IL, our team here at Gillespie Ford can help. We offer a team of experienced and knowledgeable technicians for all your maintenance needs. If you are considering another vehicle purchase, our sales team will gladly offer their expertise. Keep reading to learn more about the services we offer our clients.

The Importance of Tire Care

When winter weather is upon us, that means unpredictable storms and dangerous road conditions. To prepare for inclement weather we recommend visiting our team at Gillespie Ford for tires care, maintenance, and sales near Antioch, IL. Tire care is especially important for your automotive safety, but sometimes drivers are uncertain whether they need new tires. You can actually perform simple inspections at home. Examine your tire sidewalls for cracks, blisters, or any other aberrations. You can also perform the Penny Test by placing a penny upside down in the tire tread. If all of the president’s head is still visible, you need to get new tires.

Maintenance and Sales Offered Near Antioch, IL

Tires are not the only component of your vehicle that need attention. As most drivers know, a vehicle is a complex system of integrated parts, and each component—belts, gaskets, rings, filters—eventually deteriorate. For this reason, it is important to visit Gillespie Ford for this great offer. Our team will give your vehicle a detailed inspection and diagnose any problems. In the winter we pay close attention to your battery and battery contacts, fluid levels, the cooling system, and both timing and serpentine belts. Expert maintenance can improve performance and fuel efficiency, while irregular and poorly executed maintenance can cause serious problems. Here at Gillespie Ford you can trust our technicians to deliver high-quality, reliable work.

Contact Gillespie Ford today and ask about tires care, maintenance, and sales near Antioch, IL. You can visit our website to schedule a service appointment or give us a call at 847-281-5507 and chat with a member of our team. We also invite you to visit our automotive center at 18834 W Grand Avenue Gurnee, IL. In addition to our service department, we also offer an extensive selection of new and pre-owned vehicles for your consideration. Get in touch today.