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Tuscany Black Ops Ford Truck for Sale in Elgin, IL

Go Ahead. Show Off in Your Very Own Black Ops Ford Truck.

Owning a truck is kind of like owning a vehicle that tells a little bit about yourself; it helps to show your personality and what you stand for. Here at Gillespie Ford, we believe that to be very true and think that if you want a truck that shows the tough side of your personality, while showing off your support for the men and women who risk their lives for our country, then a Tuscany Black Ops Ford truck for sale in Elgin, IL is a perfect fit for you.

Standing Out in the Crowd With the Black Ops Truck in Elgin

All F-Series trucks already come with top-the-line technologies, drivetrains and luxuries, but Tuscany takes a hold of these trucks as a well-respected specialty vehicle company, and turns them in to complete on-and-off-road monsters. As a tribute vehicle to the US Military, Tuscany starts out by making sure yours and their support of the US troops is posted all around the vehicle. Authentic Black Ops badges are embroidered in to the seats along with American flags. On the outside, Black Ops badges are placed on the rear and the fenders of the vehicle so that everyone that looks at the truck knows what it is all about.

Even if you don't see the badges from a distance you will still know that there is something special about this vehicle. The available 6-inch lift with the 20-inch alloy aluminum rims and all-terrain tires kind of give it away. Dark tinted windows and blacked-out Ford emblems also help let people know that this is not just your average F-Series truck. You add that in with the big front bull bar that cradles two huge KC lights, and passers-by cannot help but notice that there is something more to this than just another pick-up truck.

Four-Wheel Driving Capability in the Tuscany Blacks Ops Truck

What is the point of having a big truck with a huge suspension if you don't have four-wheel drive? Even though two-wheel drive is still an option, having four-wheel drive hooked up on your Tuscany Black Ops Ford truck provides true driving freedom. And if off-roading is something that you are sure you will be doing, opting for the KM2 optional mud tires might be a good idea. You will also find good use in the navigation system and the all-terrain outside cameras that will allow you to see around your vehicle 360-degrees.

If a Tuscany Black Ops F-150 & F-250 for Sale in Elgin, IL sounds like something that fits with your lifestyle and personality, than take some time to come in and let one of our sales experts show you around one at Gillespie Ford. We are located at 18834 W. Grand Ave. Gurnee, IL. 60031.

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